So How Do We Do It? Great question, I can’t tell you how many people have e-mailed us asking how it’s possible for Webstrings to sell such an incredible set of strings at such a low price? This question comes up so often that we felt it necessary to explain this phenomenon right here where everyone can see it... so here goes. The modern guitar string is easily the best string ever made, companies such as D'Adarrio, Ernie Ball, GHS and many others offer higher quality strings than at any other time in history. Guitar strings as well as many other products are now being made faster, cheaper and most importantly better than ever before. Computer controlled manufacturing techniques have enabled industrial America to produce goods whose specifications are so exact that it boggles the mind. From the company that produces the raw material to the company that extrudes the wire all the way to the company that winds the strings. All of these processes are more efficient than ever before. Guitar strings are just one product that benefits from this new industrial revolution.

Who Actually Makes Webstrings Guitar Strings? For those of you who are still in the dark about who makes guitar strings, lets just say that there are only a handful of companies that actually manufacture strings. Most of today's string labels have one of these string factories manufacture strings for them and they simply put their label on them. These branded strings are then sold to a distributor and then to a store or perhaps a catalog, everyone makes money along the way (we can't fault them for this, everyone needs to make a living). Strings go through many hands before they end up on your instrument.
String Marketing: As I'm sure you know the most popular string labels spend lots and lots of money advertising. We've all seen those long lists of endorsers, great for those of us who get free strings but if your a working musician without an endorsement deal it doesn't mean very much. What it does mean is that someone has to pay for all that advertising. Webstrings doesn't advertise the way the industry does, we don't give strings away free of charge to anyone and we would never pay anybody to use our strings the way many labels do.

A Better Way Webstrings contracts the same manufacturers that the most popular labels use for their strings. That's right, they're the same high quality American made strings. So you see, there's a good chance that your favorite strings are exactly what we're selling! And if not you may find that Webstrings are of better quality and so much more affordable that you'll never go back to the old stuff! Essentially, Webstrings customers get to play without having to pay. Check out "what they're saying" and meet our growing list of satisfied customers. As we said earlier, the Internet has changed everything. According to the pre-internet business model the consumer absorbed all the costs involved with success. In today's business model success can be achieved in a much more cost effective way with an emphasis on true savings passed on directly to the consumer. We're sure you now understand how we can sell the highest quality strings at outrageously low prices and still manage to stay in business, better living through science we say !!