Letters from Our Customers:

From Facebook: This is a public service for my string playing musical friends (bass, guitar, mandolin, whatever).This is not spam. I have nothing to do with this company other than being a customer and I NEVER do this, but, I've been buying strings for years from this site:   http://www.webstrings.com/.
                  Just a small operation in San Diego, CA, great, upstanding company. Strings are expensive, bass strings especially and if you go on the cheap, you normally get what you pay for. Here's the deal: strings are manufactured by only a few factories, I won't mention names. All the string companies, other than these few, get them made to their specs and just put their label on them. Webstrings has no middle man and doesn't sell in stores, so...instead of me paying $25 a set, I pay Webstrings $11.50 (I usually order over 6 sets, but you can buy one set if that's all you need). They have the same volume discounts for guitar strings (if I remember right, $2.99 a set?).
                 Cheap is good but it means nothing if the strings suck, these are quality strings! I just bought I think a dozen sets. So guys, I'm just trying to hook you up and help Webstrings out because they have been solid and upfront with me at every turn. If you don't like them, they’ll take them back, simple.
M.B. King of Prussia, PA

Just wanted to say that I am totally impressed with the service and the product that your company offers. I ordered 24 sets of acoustic strings and 24 sets of electric strings and they arrived at my door step in Melbourne Australia (that's in the southern hemisphere for those of you who didn't know) within six days of ordering them. The strings are of a very high standard if not higher than any of the USA brands that I have used in the ten years that I have been playing guitar. Currently in Australia we are paying approximately $20.00 for a set of acoustic strings and around $18.00 (retail) for a set of electric strings, so at approx $3.00 AUS a set that is a fraction of the price (1/6 to be precise).
Thankyou very much, I will never buy strings from anywhere else again.
T.W. Melbourne, Australia

I'm totally sold on webstrings.com I use your strings on my Ovation acoustic, my Gibson ES-335, my Vega banjo, and my Breedlove mandolin. At your prices I can afford to not only to change my strings at least once a month, but I always have extra sets around to give to guitar students. As a guitar player of over 30 years I can say that your product really is the same high quality as the strings I'd pay $12 for at a music store. I'm really happy with your strings and I wish your company a long and successful future.
G.B. San Diego, CA

Ya know, I've been on this planet for nearly 48 years (playing guitar for 35 of them) and I've never seen a business run so well for price, quality and customer support. You are a rare breed these days. At first I was skeptical, thinking there must be a catch here somewhere i.e. cheap, crappy strings, shoddy service etc., but I've been buying your strings for over a year and I'm amazed with every order. Out of 20 or 25 sets, I think I've broken one string...and I play hard. I was breaking the other brands regularly. The sound is very good and hold their sound for a long time. The price is amazing (free shipping is wonderful), the service is unsurpassed by ANYONE I've ever encountered. Please stay in business!!
D.M. McGill, NV

Just got my strings in the mail today and right away restrung my Jackson Soloist. These things sound damned amazing and the price is great (I feel like I ripped you off). You've won a convert, goodbye Ernie Ball.
O.B. Queens, NY

      My first job involved washing the windows and checking the oil while the gas was pumping. I now help people with their accounts for a major finance company. Customer service has been a huge part of my life. I still demand it for myself in a world of self serve. A trip to the local music store recently will be my last. Poor selection and service are all it takes to spend my money elsewhere. So I went home and jumped on the internet. I had seen your site before so I checked it out and decided to place an order and hope for the best. There was a small problem with my order. I contacted you and a employee by the name of Wayne fixed it fast. I can not think of an example in all my years as a consumer that serves as a better example of great service than this one. I've spent thousands on items and had worse customer care. You should hold clinics for some of the companies that now wonder where all their customers have gone. The amazing thing is you do it right selling an item that sells for a few bucks. You have not only a new customer for the long haul but someone that will tell others about your great prices, selection and service. Thanks WebStrings!
J.F. Madison, WI

I received my first batch of strings from Webstrings just 2 weeks ago. I purchased the Portland and San Diego acoustics and some of the Memphis electrics. I play rhythm guitar in a working top 40 country band. I use two or three guitars on stage (1 Ovation Celebrity Deluxe....1 Seagull M6.... and "of course" a Telecaster) depending on the size of the venue, and I go thru a ton of strings. I like changing mine every other gig, to keep that fresh twang that I need to have when playing today's top 40 country. Needless to say, it was costing me a lot of money. But I am here to tell you folks that you are as good as your word. I love these strings ! I played one set of the Portlands thru a 2 night gig, a one night gig and 2 rehearsals before I felt the need to change them. They feel and sound awesome. The other guys in the band were floored by the quality and the price and I'm sure you'll be shipping to them fairly soon as well. You've landed another (among many I know) customer for life ! I can't thank you enough. Should you feel the need to change what you do, or go out of business.........................well, you better not even think about it. Thanks again.
M.M. Portland, OR

Had to let you guys know how thankful I am for your low prices and the great sounding strings you make! I have been looking for bass strings with a good tone and long life, and finally, after twelve years of playing professionally (like that's a long time), I found a great product that just keeps giving! The Detroit bass strings give out an incredible sound! With other strings, I usually had to change strings every week or every other week because they either would bust on me or I would get that thuddy sound that a lifeless string produces. But with the Detroit bass strings, it's really hard to tell when strings need to be changed just because of the longevity and great tone they keep giving. Thanks again for making a great product that, without a doubt, makes me glad I have spent my hard earned cash on something that really works and sounds great. Webstrings are clearly the strings of the Millennium.
A.F. - San Antonio, TX

Just wanted to say thank you for your wonderful strings and business. I truly admire the fast, clean, efficient and EXCELLENT business that you guys are running there. I thoroughly enjoy the speed of the delivery (a day!), the excellent string prices! (how you can beat under $3 each?!?), and the great website.
Thank you again!

Let me tell you about my weekend! My brother-in-law had a set of your strings on his Guild acoustic. I was blown away that he only paid a couple of bucks for the set. I sing and play in a trio here in Nashville, TN ( We are in the process of signing with a major Label) and let me say that you can bet we will start ordering lots of these babys!!!! We normally use D'Addario......and for the life of me I couldn't tell the difference!! Thanks for the future business!!!!!!
M.E. Nashville, TN

THANK YOU!!!!! I've been playing guitar for almost thirty years and until now have never been completely satisfied with a set of guitar strings. I play a lot and I bend a lot of strings, handfuls at a time. I've never had a set last this long and sound this good for the whole time! I play a Les Paul and I've always broken the high E string after about eight hours of playing time. I first received your strings about four weeks ago and I still have them on my Les Paul! I can't believe it! I'm only going to change them because I have a gig to play, otherwise I would leave them on to see just how long they would last. After all of this time they still sound real good. I can't thank you enough! Thanks again,

I just put my first set of Memphis Electric Lights on my Fender American Vintage '52 Telecaster. TONE! As good, if not better, than the top brands I've been playing for quite a bit more money per pack. I won't be buying D'Addario, Fender or Ernie Balls any more. You guys Rock! BTW, I'd love to see a Wallpaper with a Telecaster on your site.

Received my 12 sets of strings last night and put them on my the first guitars to see how they would sound. 6 were Portland acoustic and 6 were Memphis electric. I want to let you know I feel kind of foolish that I have been paying such high prices for the new hot strings that were at the local shops. Yours to my surprise had a better sound and played just as good. To get all this and pay 1/5th of what I was paying is great. You have a customer for life.
R.H. Paducah, KY

I really like doing business with you guys. The strings are stronger than some other brand name strings and you have cut down to 50 percent all the needless packaging and advertisements. This IS the way to do business. That last order was put in on Monday and I received the order today, Thursday and I live in Minneapolis.
Thanks again,

A friend had recently e-mailed me your web site. I must admit I was some what skeptical, but at these prices, what did I have to lose? I ordered 2 sets of the x-light San Diego Acoustic 80/20 bronze and 3 sets of the light Memphis Electrics strings. I expected a long wait, but within a couple of days the strings showed up in my mailbox. I restrung my old Fender acoustic, and was astounded at the quality and sound of these strings! I have been playing professionally (now semi-pro) for 30 years and have never found a better bargain than the strings your company offers. I don't know how you can offer such high quality strings at such a low cost, but I am now a customer for life. Thank you for offering a truly superior product! Sincerely,

I have to congratulate you on a job well done. I never expected to see my strings on my doorstep three days after I placed my order. Not only that, but when I put your strings on my guitar and played it, the end result was fantastic! Who would guess I could purchase 10 sets of strings for less than $35.00 bucks (including 2-12 string acoustic sets)! Keep up the good work!
Your very pleased customer,

I bought a set of bass strings from your company for my fretted bass. I had been using the Ken Smiths for years. I thought, hmm, they are only @ $10.00 a set how bad can they be? So I got them a couple of days later and strung them up. It took a little while for them to settle in (a few seconds) to a nice sound. I have been pounding on them for the last couple of weeks and I love them. I tried them in a Rock, Jazz, and solo situation. They respond well, have nice top end (without biting your head off) and have some gorgeous mid-range sounds. I let my students play on them and asked their opinion.They all loved the sound. When you get the flat wound strings I will try those as well.

I"ve been using your company for close to two years now I think, and once again had to tell you how great you guys are. Good quality strings, fast shipping, unbelievable prices!! As a working musician who really goes thru strings (usually a new set every 2 gigs) You make it possible for me to keep my guitars sounding their best without sending me to the poor house. Please don't ever change.
C.M. (one grateful customer) - Jacksonville Beach FL

Just thought I’d drop you a line to thank you for saving me an incredible amount of money! I have been spending about $100.00 a month on strings. No matter what brand of strings I use they usually only last me through one gig. I still only get 1 gig out of your phosphor bronze but they only cost me $2.25!!! and they're just as good as D’Addario or Markley or anything else for that matter. And to top it off I end up saving $64.00 per month with you and that is fantastic! Thanks again.
D.P. - Springfield, MA

I am a very happy customer. I first tried your Classical strings on my roommate’s Yamaha. I must confess I was very impressed. I actually heard about Webstrings in early 98 but figured they couldn't be very good based on the price, I was quite wrong I’m happy to say. As far as I can tell Webstrings are easily the best value in Classical strings I have ever come across. Keep it up.
J.E. - Ann Arbor, MI

Just thought I’d let you know how great your string deal is. First of all I was knocked out by the price so I ordered 10 sets of Memphis Light Plus and 2 sets of Portland Lights I also got a set of bass strings for the bass player in my band. They showed up at my door right on time for my regular Fri 9:00p.m. to Sat 2:00 a.m. blues gig. I gave Eric his bass strings ( he thinks they’re awesome and can’t believe the price) and restrung my 64 Strat and 71 Les Paul custom, next thing I knew I was off to the gig. Basically its like this, these strings are everything you guys claim and more. I’ve turned a whole bunch of my friends on to your strings so I was kind of hoping for a commission. This is the best deal ever, you’ve got a customer for life.
L.W. - New Haven CT.

Thanks for a great product. For years I have gone to the big chain guitar stores and asked for the most inexpensive set of medium acoustic strings they have. Having done this for the past ten years, I have to tell you that they never gave me the same set of strings twice. Even worse, the price points ranged from $3.50 to $7.00. Not knowing what I was going to get, I felt like it was a game of Russian roulette every time I needed a set of strings. Webstrings not only offers me convenience, great prices and consistency of knowing what I am going to get, but having put Portland Bluegrass sets on two of my guitars, I would not hesitate to use your strings if I were gigging or recording. I am very pleased. Thanks and keep up the good work.
A.W. - Murray Hill, New Jersey